Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Must Leave House

CS's job is taking him to North Carolina on Sunday. He's going to be gone for a few days, up to a week, or so I'm told. I predict this will be a long week for me. I can say this from experience, one I had tonight. Cs had to work late to get everything ready to ship out and my mom was working late because she has school on Wednesdays. So it was just me and Jacob, all alone. All day long. Back when I first got pregnant, my mom was worried for me because she thought I would be parenting on my own for most of the time. This was when CS was working ten hour days, six days a week. I would be raising a baby with a man who spent more time away or sleeping that with us. This isn't such a terrible thing, most stay at home mom's must deal with this. But the going away for a week twice a month is going to be hard. I can make it through a day, it goes by rather quickly. But come five, when it starts to get dark and I know my family is headed home soon, I get antsy. So on nights like tonight, when no one is home until eight, I'm more than ready to hand him off to the first person who walks into the door. Fortunately, I have more than just CS here at home. But what happens when we have our own place? I guess I can always move back in when he heads out. Bonus points for staying in CO.

Cs turned down the job in Fort Collins for this month. Maybe next month, when we see how the job he has now is going, he can take the other job. Or we might stay here in this area and try to get a place closer to his work. And Target. Because really, that's all I need.

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