Sunday, November 30, 2008

Temple. Peanut, Pimp!

When I started reading the Advice Smackdown by Amalah, I started using Philosophy soon after. I got the Purity wash and the Hope in a Jar to start and noticed a great difference in my face after that. Then I got pregnant and my pretty skin decided to rebel for ten months and then some. For the last few months of my pregnancy, my chin was a constant battle of oozing pimples and sore bumps. I continued to use Philosophy but nothing helped. No matter how long I kept the wash on my face or stood there with hot washcloths pressed to the trouble spots, nothing was helping. I hated it. Not just because it was ugly, but because it hurt! And I couldn't do anything about it because it was completely hormonal. Only now, that my hormones are starting to recede is my face clearing up. But so slowly. Now, instead of huge whiteheaded pimples, I have pimples that turn into blood blisters deep in my skin, leaving dark purple bruise-like spots on my face. It goes really well with the look I'm trying to cultivate. You know, the teenage mom with an unplanned baby. So a little teenage acne goes well with the rest of the picture.

NaBloPoMo is over and I'm glad I did it this year. It gave me a little something to do, generally right before bed but I could have used my time a little more wisely. Or just posted more pictures!

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