Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Diary

Dear Economy,

I know you're in a terrible place right now but gosh love you because I filled up my car today for less than twenty dollars and my low fuel light was on so it wasn't like I had some in reserve. Keep up the good work. Maybe now that it doesn't cost a fortune to drive around, I can buy more stuff and help you out a little.

Dear JBelle,

It was adorable when you tried to nurse your baby doll today. You're going to be a great little mama.

Dear Jacob,

When you try and talk to me, I simply cannot resist you. Especially when you throw in those grins for good measure.

Dear Hunter,

Please do not bark at me and Jacob anymore. And I'm sorry we didn't go for a walk today.

Dear Post Partum Acne,

It's been almost three months. Please go away.

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