Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock. Hard Place.

CS and I are in the midst of a dilemma with where our future lies. Where he is working right now does not pay enough to cover our bills, and that's living in my mom's house. However, he does have an opportunity right now to go work in Fort Collins for an amount that covers the major bills but leaves us woefully short for things like gas and food, not to mention rent. Unfortunately, he can't just drive up to Fort Collins to work and drive back here or he would be in the car for 6 hours a day. Not to mention the cost of fuel to do that. And to top it off, he needs new tires. Badly. I don't want to go back to work. The mere thought of it makes me cry. I don't mind doing something on the side, but I can't put my baby in to daycare. This is the most frustrating situation we've been in, made even more frustrating by the fact that this could have all been avoided.

I should start playing the lotto.

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