Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Sisters And One Almost

I've never been very good at keeping friends. Since I was homeschooled, I didn't have many childhood friends. There were kids in 4-H, but that was only at fair. There were some "unschooled" boys we played with, but that faded once we started public school. I had one friend in 7th grade, but she moved to Texas. I made a new best friend in 8th grade, and that lasted until 10th grade when I made friends at my new school. At my high school, I had lots of friends. But that faded once I started college. Then in college, I had millions of friends. Groups and cliques and sorority sisters. Of course, I had my best friends there. The ones that knew me best, because they'd seen the worst and stuck around. We grew up together, in a sense. (insert cliche about finding yourself in college) I had great friends in college. Witty, smart, beautiful, and always so happy. Then college ended and we immersed ourselves in the "real world." There's not enough time out here to keep in touch with dozens of friends. But I take great pride in the three relationships I have with my college friends. Out of the dozens, I have three. That seems so small, and a little sad because it used to be four. But those three people are worth more to me than I can say. I don't get to see or hear from them daily, but it doesn't matter. None of them are friends with each other. They are mine, alone. And these three make me want to keep in touch. I don't want to start over. After years of not having a history with someone, I want to keep making it with them.

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