Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Months, Going On Three

Personally, I'm enjoying this newborn phase. I like the two hour naps he takes every other hour. I used to worry that he'd sleep too much and be awake all night, but I have a sleepy boy. He loves his sleep, much like his daddy to my chagrin. Mostly I love naps because it means that I no longer have to hold him while he fights sleep and whines about it. He's getting better about being put down and looking at the toys I place around him. But going to sleep on his own is often a fight between him and sleep. Holding him seems to convince him that yes, he is tired. Unlike his cousin, he cannot fake sleep.

He's on the verge of real baby laughs. Last night, right after he started crying for no reason, my mom took all his clothes off and let him be naked on the floor. She was blowing air on his stomach and then she started tickling his sides with her fingers and my sensitive little boy almost started belly laughing. Especially when she got up to his armpits. I can't wait for those laughs. On the other hand, CS is waiting for him to be big enough to toss into the air. Good news, Jacob likes to be held upside down. Tossing is not far off.

Unexpected noises startle him now. Emma barked the other night and he flung his hands out and three seconds later started crying. I pulled my camera off a coffee table and knocked over a candlestick on accident and the same crying ensued. He can also stick out his lower lip when he's preparing to wail and it's hard to comfort when he's so damn adorable. Today he's been waking up by a loud cry, except his eyes are still closed and he's really not awake. Just thinking that maybe he'd like to wake up soon. Or maybe trying to trick me into holding him some more. I think that's his favorite trick. My least favorite is when he refuses to nurse when we wake up in the morning and his little body goes stiff and straight in anger.

My dozy newborn is gone. Replaced with a really chunky baby who likes to smile up at before nursing. Or watches me from the bouncy seat on the table as I make dinner. And almost laughs when I poke him in the armpits. It's a good thing he sleeps though. I'm told I don't deserve it.

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