Sunday, November 02, 2008

An Indian Summer

Which will probably mean a Nasty Winter. It's about 75 to 80 degrees here today. Shorts and teeshirt weather. Not that this is unheard of in Colorado. You live here long enough and nothing surprises you in this state. Snow in May? Sure. Seventy degrees in December? Why not! You even get used to the flip flopping of seasons, only putting away some of you summer clothes and leaving a coat in your closet after spring. I liked Arizona in the early spring, but nothing beats Colorado for fall.

When we decided to move back to CO, I was excited for the prospect of fall. Wearing jeans and my long sleeve clothes while drinking warm cups of tea with a snuggly baby in my arms. The leaves changing colors, first snow, and peaks covered with the white stuff. I miss the mellow winters of my youth when snow didn't fall every weekend like is has in the past few years. For years, we never had white Christmases. I vividly remember a Christmas where I got a pajama set from my grandma. It was shorts and a teeshirt. We also got a set of a walky-talkies. There are pictures of us playing outside with our new toys, and I'm wearing my new pajamas. Summer PJ's for a winter holiday.

The only bad thing about coming back here is that my mom bought Jacob all sorts of cute summer clothes. Which he is A)rapidly outgrowing and B)will soon be too cold to wear. And he looks so flipping cute in those one piece snap up suits.

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