Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Evening Before Bed

10:38- Put sleeping baby in bed.

10:40- Find soap for boyfriend who is complaining about having no soap yet refuses to look in toiletries bag where soap was put during the move.

10:42- Put clothes away from laundry finished two days ago.

10:45- Fix sheets on bed because boyfriend is a messy sleeper and the fitted sheet is coming off the mattress.

10:48- Clean up living room because mother is a neat freak and it's messy. Throw about 4 burp rags into laundry basket.

10:49- See computer open because I must blog today for NaBloPoMo. Maybe I will prize?

10:55- Still have to make lunch for boyfriend and get self ready for bed. Self wants to read book in bed, but should probably go to sleep. Will read though, because self is enthralled with a trilogy. Again.

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