Saturday, November 15, 2008


Five Things I Want For Jacob:

1) Go to a college he (or I) can pay for without taking loans that will consume his paycheck post graduation. I love my college memories, but I wish I could have gone to a school I could afford. I don't want my son to start his adult life with crushing debt.

2) Fall in love before having sex. I want to raise him with the no sex before marriage option, but I can hardly tell him it's terrible and wrong when I obviously had him out of wedlock. But I hope that he is in love with the girl, I can't imagine the hurt that must be involved if there is no love.

3) Never know racism. I don't know how I became to be open minded about race when the male side of my family is terribly racist, but if Jacob can have no judgements toward another race, I'm doing good.

4) To know that his punishments always fit the crime.

5) To be incredibly thirsty for knowledge. To be more interested in education than making a lot of money.

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Kieran said...

beutiful. i wish those for him as well.