Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Line

Age Three- Playing in my parent's waterbed. The bed is high and there is a mirror in the headboard. There are rainbow sheets.

Age Four-I go to preschool and make crayons by putting broken pieces of old crayon into muffin tins. They take pictures of us and I'm wearing a teal sweater with a bear on it.

Age Four- I go down into the craw space to get scuba diving gear out because my mom is pregnant with my brother and too big to go down.

Age Five- I sneak out of bed and sit on the stairs where the ceiling meets the steps and sneak peeks down into the living room. My brother is born that night.

Age Six- I am mad at my mom. I stand in from of my little brother's crib and bang a Grover puppet onto the rails, yelling "I'm tired of you." My brother shrieks with laughter and falls over.

Age Seven- My sister is born in our living room. The midwives are late. My dad and my mom's friend deliver her, and I am the one who rushes to my parents bedroom to get the package of supplies. My dad struggles to open the nose bulb.

Age Eight- My mom, my sister, and I go to Colorado Springs to take care of the fish tanks my parent's maintain. My dad is sick. Later, when we are home, we play a game where we stick our tongues out and touch them to each other. This is the last day of my sister's life.

Age Nine- My grandpa buys me sheep so I can be in 4-H. At the fair, I wear teal green jeans and a purple and teal button down shirt. The sheep are bigger than I am.

Age Ten- My brothers and I sleep outside, on a futon on the front porch. We think we're so brave.

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