Friday, November 14, 2008


I finally made a the Hazelnut Brown Butter cake from Smitten Kitchen and I'm pleased to say that it is awesome and I will be very sad when I eat the last piece. Cs doesn't eat sweets, so I only have to share with my mom.

The other thing I find delicious is slowly falling asleep on the couch when I could be in bed. I'm somewhat fighting that urge right now, but I should go wash my face and brush my teeth so I can roll off the couch straight into bed. But if I get up now then I'm going to lose the wonderful sensation of falling asleep because I'm so damn comfortable.

I'm also trying to nurse the beginning of a blocked duct so that it doesn't turn into a blocked duct. This is the part of nursing that makes me think bottles are a great idea. Jacob didn't want to nurse this morning and I really wanted him to but he just kept fussing when I tried. I'm pretty easy-going with his not wanting to nurse but this morning I was close to a breaking point. I broke down and pumped a little bit and after he had his nine o'clock nap, we were back to our routine. That boy and his naps. I don't know why he thinks he needs a nap after sleeping all night long. At least it means I have time for breakfast. But probably not enough to brush my teeth too.

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