Monday, November 17, 2008


I am currently eating an ice cream cone. I also had cake today. However, I'm getting frustrated with this post partum body I've got going on. I'm only about five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and if I could work out everyday, I'd lose that in a snap. But it's the flabby, stretched out belly skin that I can't get over. Now that winter is coming, I'm losing my chances of getting out of the house to work out and I haven't worked out while Jacob sleeps yet because I am lazy. And my yoga DVD is packed away. (Except I know where it is, but I have to go to the shed and move boxes to get it, and ugh.) I shouldn't complain, especially when I read about women who struggle with getting their bodies back and how long it takes...but I'm ready to look cute again. Or be able to wear jeans without feeling a gross muffin top puffing out of my jeans when I sit down to nurse.

So I really should be giving up the brown butter cake and ice cream cones. But then again, it's my only vice. It's not like I have greasy hamburgers and french fries on a weekly basis. Although, it does sound awfully good right about now.

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