Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy, Rainy Ohio Day

This morning we got up at 7:45 and went into Gramma's room to watch the Today show in her bed. She has a water bed so it's always very warm and the room has great sunlight. So even on this dreary day, it didn't feel too dark. Jacob was nestled into my left arm and he promptly fell back asleep. I watched the woman with the World's Longest Legs as well as When Is The Right Age To Marry (if I get married, I will be above the average age now) before succumbing to a doze. A warm bed with a warm infant snuggled up with you will cause that, you know.

When I finally extracted my arm from Jacob, I got up to make breakfast and after I toasted my bread and put water on for tea, I went in to check on him, and lo! He was awake and rooting into the pillows with his little cowardly lion cry. What I'm really trying to say is that this was a day of naps. He did manage to sleep most of the day off of me and a few times he even put himself to sleep while laying on the couch next to me. Propped up so he could see me, of course. But not actually on my chest, or in my arms, or draped over some other part of my body. He napped so much today that I was actually hoping for him to wake up so we could do something or have him entertain me. The weekends are so busy that I think he's sleep deprived by Monday, I guess I should just learn to take it easy. Of course, I waited till he was awake this evening to start making apple crisp but I can only blame part of that on me. I had to go to the store for apples and someone didn't wake up until Ellen came on so I was just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs till then. I guess I could have folded clothes. Eh.

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