Friday, November 28, 2008

Day Two

Jacob and I went to CS's families house for Thanksgiving today. CS couldn't be there because he is heading to Ohio today, which is sad because you always want to spend a holiday with your significant other if you're going to their house. It's not awkward, but it's not the same when you don't have that anchor. I suppose you could call Jacob the anchor now, but I regard him as mine so that doesn't work. (You think that's mean to regard him as mine? I don't. I feed him, change him, dress him, comfort him, play with him, generally devote my entire self to him. He is mine. CS is a guest appearance right now, especially with work taking him away.) His family has a tradition of writing out five things that they are thankful for this year and one of his dad's was me. Which is so sweet and somewhat undeserved. I enjoy his family though. Just wish I wasn't doing this alone.

Despite two Thanksgiving dinners, I am still not ready to quit eating. Tomorrow I'm going to have breakfast with my oldest friend and later meet up with old family friends to show off the baby. I'm quite sure food will be involved at all events. Fortunately, I'm breastfeeding and this means I can eat like a horse and still be hungry. It's mostly in the evening that I discover my appetite is enormous and I can probably eat as much as CS. Maybe my body is lacking in nutrition at the end of the day, or I'm not giving it enough to eat during the day. All I know is that I can eat a plateful of food and still go back for more. Hopefully this tapers off when I'm not longer feeding two bodies. I'd like to get thighs that don't rub together and a stomach that's flat and fits into my old jeans without a muffin top. Nothing screams sexy mom like a muffin top. EWWW.

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