Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Baby Votes

Jacob and I went to vote today. We meant to go by nine AM but I was up for two hours last night stressing over money at three AM so I slept in till nine. We got to the polls by ten and fortunately the line was not long. We got in and out in about fifteen minutes, our "I Voted" sticker stuck to his baby sling. I stuck the sticker in his baby book when we got home. No sense in wearing a sticker all day when no one can see it. Might as well save it for posterity. Two months old and already in the voter's box. If only I knew what party to raise him into. If only I knew what party to align myself with. CS and I have slightly different politics though. Because of college, I'm more liberal than he is. He would rather vote for an independent candidate than the red or blue. I don't know if we're setting ourselves up for issues later in child raising. I'm firmly in the education camp and CS has more of a trade is best attitude. I hope Jacob chooses to go to college. I certainly intend to raise him with the belief that college is just something you do. You have to work your whole life once you become an adult. Why start right after high school? Help yourself by taking the time to grow up in a nurturing environment while getting an education that's going to help you get ahead. Hopefully, by the time he is ready, college will be as mandatory as high school. I don't relish paying for this education, but maybe my kid will be smarter than me. Pick a college you can afford! Or go for FREE! Or maybe consider an instate college, don't discount something just because it's within driving distance of your parents house. And please, please don't follow your friends to distant states. Also, no dating!

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