Thursday, November 19, 2009


I got a letter for my 5 year reunion today. Mostly just a reminder that it's happening in May but also a little bit of a prompt to get some numbers on how many people are coming. I TOTALLY want to go. I haven't been to Ohio since before Jacob was born and I miss it. I need it! So much has changed and it's not the same as it was when I left over four years ago but it's still a little bit of home to me. I've been thinking about this reunion for at least a year and I am bound and determined to go. I want CS to come with me since he's been to Ohio but I didn't go with him and he didn't see much of where I was. Of course, Jacob needs to come so he can meet everyone. I just need to find a baby sitter so that I can go to the Backstretch at least once! I can leave an almost two year old with a stranger (to him), right? He'll be sleeping through the night by May, right? Something to strive for, I guess.

Since I haven't been able to go back to Ohio for over a year, I'm finding myself constantly wishing that I could be here for one thing or another. I think about college and crazy things we did or funny things that made me laugh. I miss it. And I know I miss it so much because it's easier to think about the past than face what I'm dealing with now.

Nothing has ever been as good after a night out at the bar than a Hot Potato with everything. No wonder I gained so much weight in college.

The art gallery openings were so much fun until word got out that free wine was served to all and everyone came to get wasted.

Literary dinners at Olmstead's made me feel like I wasn't a clueless idiot. In my snobbier moments, I can lay claim to a long conversation with Dave Eggers about the gypsies in Russia and ice cold shots of vodka but mostly it was just about food, wine, and the occasional deep philosophical conversation in front of the fireplace glowing with candles.

Lunches with a huge table of Kappas and going back for dessert almost every time. Again, no wonder I had high cholesterol there.

Many, many late nights at the theatre. Hanging out in the dark, wearing all black, playing "never ever" like high schoolers. Lunch in the lobby, squeezing in on the couches or crowded around the tables. Working in the office, venting to my "college mom" boss about whatever I needed to get out.

When I was there, I knew that life would be a lot harder on the outside. I knew I couldn't afford to go to school there but I certainly wasn't going to leave in the middle of it. Nothing has topped those three and a half years I spent there, even though not all of it was easy or good. But it was safe and life here in the real world is anything but. I want everyone to experience what I had. Even if it makes life afterwards a little harder. I wouldn't be me without OWU.

I have to say it, sorry, it's just too perfect to not say it: I am OWU.

Goodnight all!

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