Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Did It! We Did It!

I made my ten orders for my party. Of course, my friend who does the business put in an order to get me through those last two orders and CS's brother's girlfriend totally saved my ass at the last minute. Thank goodness for the magic of Facebook and status updates. I got to ten and made the dollar amount of $500 for the company so I get $150 in jewelry. Which if you are familiar with the jewelry? Doesn't get you very far. So I'm trying to decide if I should get two pieces that I would never buy on my own or get three more affordable pieces.

I guess there is always next time! I can throw her another party in a few months and see what I can get at that point. Right before the holidays is either a good or a bad time for having a jewelry party. I totally convinced my brother to get his wife a ring based on Christmas presents alone. He thought maybe he should get her something more useful and I told him that no man can go wrong with getting his woman a piece of expensive jewelry. Find me that woman who hates jewelry and I will convert her. Good jewelry is one of the best conversational starters EVER.

Oh, which means that I just talked myself into getting the HUGE blue sparkly ring that I have been coveting. And maybe the pearl necklace. If only I could just use my credit card and buy all my favorite things. I mean, I am closing my Wells Fargo card this week since they want to raise my interest. Don't I get to use it one last time, for old time's sake?

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