Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hunter And Jacob

Staying at my mom's the past few days, we've been enjoying ample dog time. During the day, Hunter mostly stays outside so even though we're here daily, he doesn't get to spend much time with us. Mostly by his choosing as he thinks it's better to be outside here. Unlike when we have our own place, where he would like to be with me every single minute. This causes issues because he's bad dog here at my mom's. He digs holes and worms his body into the pig pen to eat their food. Hunter doesn't actually play with Jacob, unless Jacob is eating. Then Hunter is at least three feet away, waiting patiently for Jacob to be done, drool hanging from his mouth, anticipating being able to scope the floor once I get Jacob out of his chair. Jacob learned the other day that he can drop food into Hunter's mouth and we had to stop that nonsense RIGHT AWAY. The kid doesn't eat enough as it is, I don't need another reason for him to not eat the food I make. Although, somehow Jacob got a hold of the cup of chicken noodle soup I was going to feed him, and while my back was turned he dumped the contents onto the floor after taking a few noodles for himself. Hunter was more than willing to clean it up. And the only reason I know they did this? I found the empty container on the still damp floor.

I miss having Hunter around. Jacob loves to hang on Emma, much more than Hunter, but he's been known to play with Hunter the same way. Like tonight, when Jacob had a late nap and would normally be very crabby, he's happy playing in between the dogs as they lay on the floor in front of me, begging for snacks. Jacob can be rough with them, as he likes to poke their eyes, pull their ears, shove his finger into their nostrils. His favorite thing to do it run up to them and quickly pound his hands onto their backs as they try to sleep. Fortunately, we have very good dogs and the most they do is get up and move away. They must not be smart enough to move into a different room, one with no lights on. But I am thankful for my dog babysitters. Sheesh, it's the only way I'm going to get to post anything at all tonight. So it might as well be a big thank you to Hunter and Emma for putting up with the Squawly Thing.

They have come a long way from this:

This was in Alabama and it's blurry but it's still a photo of the two of them!

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