Saturday, November 14, 2009


My party was on the small side. Three people small. Technically, four but the last one came over just before we packed it all away. So now I have to get at least six people to order before I get any of the Hostess benefits. Soooo anyone want to order some pretty, sparkly jewelry? It's very nice and well made, and has a lifetime warrenty! Even if you break it five years from now! Personally, as a mother to a small monster, this last bit is quite important to me. If you do want to see some of the bling, please go here: Silpada and then let me know if you see something you like!

I personally want this, this, and this. I've only just begun to wear jewelry again since Jacob was born. I never went anywhere when he was little and wearing earrings was just dangerous when he couldn't understand "nice touches." But now that I am trying to dress a little more like I did before a baby and nursing took over my life. Which means I can wear nice shirts and pretty necklaces and dangly earrings without worrying that it's going to be spit up on, broken, or pulled from my earlobes.

I hope someone out there can take a look and help me fill my remaining six orders. Don't let all my pizza making, brownie baking, and wine buying go to waste! And if you feel cheated by getting jewelry and not getting the delicious food? I will sent you some brownies. Extra chocolaty, gooey brownies.

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