Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soccer! And Why I Don't Play

I have a fervent desire to see Jacob play soccer when he's older. I don't know why, except maybe because it's the only sport I have ever enjoyed playing or because I think kids playing soccer is the cutest thing ever. I'm sure CS has his own desires to watch Jacob play football or softball or wrestling but I don't really like any other those options. I also want him to take dance or gymnastics because it's good for kids to be flexible! I feel that I have a strong case for his first sport to be soccer as my friend gave him a soccer ball before he was even born and I don't think they even offer other sports for little children besides teeball.

But mostly, I just like this picture because he looks like he's posing. My little soccer model!

I was never into sports growing up. We did softball and for most of the time I was in the outfield, with my glove over my face like a mask. Or catching pebbles with it. I didn't see much action until my parents were the coaches and I got lucky if I was assigned a base. I believe 2nd was my favorite. In high school, we were required to play at least one sport a year so I signed up for soccer. I was really bad. Only worse than one of the Korean girls on the team, and I never started a game until someone got hurt. I later realized that I had horrible shin guards that gave me shin splints but I didn't realize this until after college. The cleats caused me to run really awkwardly, with my back hunched over. I had a big enemy on the team, who later became my best friend even today and she told me that I ran so badly that even the coach thought something was wrong with me. I saw a video of it once during the senior year in review video they play at the end of the school year and I finally realized why no one liked me. I looked damaged, in the head and body. I haven't played soccer again.

But I have great faith that Jacob will be just fine. I'll make sure to get him the good cleats. But I will be keeping CS from telling him to sacrifice his body for the game. I don't think they have much of a concept of that at 5. And I'd like to keep him injury free for most of his life, so let's keep the pep talks to a minimum. Ok? Good.

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Abby said...

I was also an absolutely miserable soccer player. I would run around in circles and beg the coach to take me out of the game. I was decent at the other sports I played, though, there was just something about soccer...