Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby's First Cuss Word

"Oh shit!"

I did not teach him this. Do not look at me. No, stop raising your eyebrow. And grinning. IS NOT MY FAULT.

Really, do you think this face could be capable of saying such things?

Other gross and/or naughty things he's done since turning 14 months? Farting multiple times while nursing and pausing each time to giggle, with the nipple still in his mouth. Poking my in my lady parts with his index finger when I got out of the shower and giggling like a manic when I shrieked and batted his hand away. In hindsight, that might have egged him on because he likes to hear me freak out. This evening, we had a battle of the wills over whether or not Jacob was allowed to pull my shirt down and coo adoringly to my boobs before reaching down and pitching a nipple. That battle ended in tears. Luckily for my boobs, his tears and not mine. Boy has got a grip!

Boys are gross. But I forgave him when he spent the rest of the evening on my lap, watching Youtube videos of Sesame Street and the parts of Glee with singing.

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