Friday, November 13, 2009

Crappy Pictures Of My Creative Obsessions

This is a clutch that I made from a sewing book called Bend The Rules Sewing and I like it, even though it made me call my sewing machine an asshole. Sometimes my machine has a problem with tension and it screws up things like visible stitches. This clutch might also be the reason why I know Jacob can say "oh shit."

The wrist warmers were sort of an experiment. I could not find size 6 needles with 8 inch circumference and I'll be committed before I knit a whole project on double pointed needles. I stole the idea for just binding off and making the thumb hole from a pattern I read in the yarn store. It worked, mostly but it also messed up the pattern I had going on. That and I didn't follow the directions for the first one quite to the letter and it's a little wonky. But I don't mind because I am a lazy knitter.

The scarf is maybe my favorite right now because I didn't screw it up too much. I need to make a buttonhole and I don't actually know how to do that so I'm wearing it wrong when I do wear it. Which has only been once because it's 70 degrees out there and I wish I had a tee shirt. Although it's supposed to be nasty tomorrow, so YAY! I used scraps from my "birthday purchase of scrap goodness that cannot be used on other things." So far, so good. I had to stop myself from using some yesterday in a birthday gift. Actually, I failed but I used fabric I didn't like.

The scarf is not for me, but a professor from college. When I told a friend this, she replied with "because you slept with him." Which I did not, but I got this yarn 4 years ago with the intention of making him one for Christmas and see how quickly I got to that project? But it's ok, because he's writing great novels now and I can just pass it off as a "congrats! You are published and more famous now!" gift.

These pictures don't really do these projects justice but I forgot my fancy camera so I made do with my mom's. I also forgot my favorite project which is a cell phone case but I also messed that one up by being lazy. I really need to focus more on getting it done well over getting it done RIGHT NOW before the baby wakes up and it's all over until tomorrow.

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Colorado Knitter said...

Hey! I have been meaning to stop by and say hello but my Etsy store picked up for the holidays.
I wanted to tell you that the 8" circulars ARE impossible to find and if you can find them actually hard to knit on (this is what I have been told) It probably is easier to knit them on DPNs. They turned out really cute though!