Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Old Navy, You Owe Me a Seamstress

For less than $6, I got a bra, pair of underwear, yoga pants, and a henley long sleeve shirt at Gap and Old Navy today. I had reward gift cards from using my Banana Visa card for miscellaneous purchases when I didn't have CS's card on me. The only problem with my purchases is that my yoga pants have a hole in them. Thanks, Old Navy. Glad I paid $15 for these. Except I didn't pay at all. (To make matters worse, I just received another flyer to use my card four more times for another gift card.)

At Gap, I got a real bra. It's the first "real" bra I've gotten since before Jacob was born and I only got it because it was free. And I'm sure I will only wear it for a few more months and then it will cease to fit when I stop nursing, which co -insides with the time that I can wear a bra with underwire and no unlatching cups for easy boob access. I hear that there are such things as customized nursing bras but I have no idea where such a shop would be. For the first nine months, I wore cheap, elastic, 3-clasp, unpadded, no underwire bras until the elastic digging into my side and the awful uni-boob wore me out. I got two "normal" looking bras at Target but they come in two colors. Black and white. My new bra is pink and lacy. But I have to unhook the back and pull it up to my chin to nurse in it. No one ever tells you that a side effect of nursing is that you will lose all concept of how many times you expose your bare breast in the course of a day. Not to mention nursing in public and how easy it is to flash your nipple to unsuspecting strangers. Although, I've gotten pretty good at being covert. Or at least I think I am. I also think people who cover up after the baby is three months old have issues. I left my modesty about baby things on the delivery bed.

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