Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo Strikes Back

I can't be dedicated enough throughout the year to blog more than sporadically but I can really get behind a cause with prizes and other people in the same boat of "what do I spew out today?" I even had a moment of pure insanity when I thought that I might try to post about something lovely that I've made but then I remembered my 14 month old son and got off my high horse. Sure, I have some luscious wristwarmers sitting beside me but they aren't finished and I doubt I will finish tonight. Maybe tomorrow but don't count on it. I was supposed to knit a hat for a child with cancer this month and I couldn't get that done in time. So instead, I will present some Halloween photos. I don't have any great ones, but he's still pretty cute. I dressed as a witch in a stolen costume that's been tucked in my closet at home for years. I tried to wear ruby slippers but I shouldn't return to heels with Jessica Simpson stilettos that are probably a half size too big. (I lasted an hour and a half, if you're interested.)

We tried to take him to the Trunk or Treat candy fest in town but we had to wait in line for a whole block until we got to the area blocked off for trick or treating. Then we had to stay in line and walk up and down the block to get candy. Jacob lasted for half a block into trick or treating and after that he was running off to the sidewalk and down into alleys. I could have stood in line for candy but I felt stupid doing that because while I clearly intend to eat his candy, I couldn't bring myself to get candy without him right next to me. So we gave up on that milestone. We took him to the library instead to see Gramma Gramma dressed like a kitty. After we had a delicious snack at the Owl (burgers and fries, not shakes as we only had $10) we went to Florence for a 2nd round of trick or treating. Theirs involved going from store to store so it wouldn't be as much waiting in line. This time I remembered that i have this thing called a stroller so we don't have to carry His Highness of Putting Grubby Hands Down My Shirt To Feel His Boobies. It was fun but the quality of candy handed out was CRAP so mostly I'm just exhausted with a lot of DumDum suckers to show for it.

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