Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

While making cookie dough this past week, I certainly did not allow Jacob to stand on my box of knitting/sewing supplies and pull out all of the silverware from the drawer and throw it on the floor. I also made sure to remove all the steak knives first so he wouldn't spy one and grab it blade first. Not that it would matter, as the knives are so dull they can't cut through bread. (this part is true!) And after he had pulled out everything, I surely would not just stick it back in the drawer. Actually, the floor was clean because it had to be for my party.

Just under the wire for NaBloPoMo. Now it's time for this bad mama to go to bed. To be joined shortly by the pajama clad skeleton boy in his last pair of clean socks. But don't worry, I would never let his sock pile dwindle so low that he didn't have at least one more clean pair for tomorrow. I won't make him sleep in socks and then wear them all day. Or will I?

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