Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunshine In November

Yesterday was a balmy 34 degrees, according to CS's temperature gauge in his truck. Neither of us agreed with that because it was nice enough to lounge around in the grass outside for most of the afternoon. Jacob's cheeks got rosy because his "Thanksgiving Approved" outfit was too warm.

He understand what we mean when we say to kick the ball, even though he can't actually move it with his foot.

He really likes to open the fish food can, which lead to a lot of wasting fish food in the grass. Consequently, it was put away until today when he got it open again.

Today we got up early because the sun shines into our bedroom at my mom's house. I managed to clean the house a little, discovering that Jacob is suddenly afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Luckily, he doesn't cry but he does run as fast as his chubby legs can take him to a position behind the sweeper. I cleaned the spots on the carpet from where pear butter popped out of the pot on to the floor and when Hunter had a pig-food gorging related accident when my mom was away from her accident. Jacob took an early nap, and I shredded to reduce the amount of pounds I will gain from dinner last night. When he got up, I tried to feed him Mac and cheese but the bunny shapes must not have been appealing. So we showered, bathed and lotioned up. I got him to eat some noodles because he kept trying to rip my bra off and get to a nipple but I refused on the grounds that if you don't eat real food, you don't get boob anymore. We drove off to go see CS when he got off work and not two minutes after we walked into his house, Jacob puked all over the floor.

That was fun. One minute I'm eating a cookie and the next I'm covered in baby puke. Jacob was a little shocked and confused. He later took a two and a half hour nap so I think he's fighting something off. But now I'm wary about whether I should walk around without a bucket. There was no sign he might throw up, just suddenly happened and luckily we were on a tile floor. And his daddy cleaned it up. I'll take poopy diapers over cleaning up baby puke any day. And that's saying something.

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