Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meatloaf, Again

I have a slightly unhealthy fixation on meatloaf right now. Mostly because it's easy and tasty and since I don't spend much time at CS's house during the day I need quick meals that satisfy his need for meat. starch, vegetable. I'd prefer meals with just a starch and a vegetable but the carnivore in residence would probably complain, or just eat a hot dog right after dinner. Cold, no bun, no condiments. And that's just gross.

I haven't been very creative with food lately. Thus my many meals of meatloaf, spaghetti, pork chops, burritos. Rinse, repeat on a weekly basis. It's sad. I'm sad. I miss buying groceries and making new things. While I'm sure CS's parents would get things I might need, it's just an annoying hassle to have to ask and plan since they don't grocery shop as often as I need. That's the nice thing about being at my mom's. I don't feel bad going to the store and getting things I will cook at her house, because she sends me shopping for her. Then she's happy because she has real food in her fridge. And I'm happy because someone likes what I cook and it doesn't go to waste. You never realize how disheartening it can be to cook and while people might eat it? No one compliments it either. Everyone likes a little recognition. And that's just not something that happens here. Or when I have my own place. CS is very bad about saying nice things about dinner or anything I cook. The only thing he has ever raved about? The car bomb cupcakes by Smitten Kitchen. You should have seen my jaw hit the floor when he started going on and on about them to his friend and how he had to try them, as they were awesome. Hell, I still want to make them on a weekly basis so he'll keep saying how good they are.

But while meatloaf and car bomb cupcakes are tasty, they lose their sparkle after weeks of repeat. I guess there is a freezer full of pork that I could mess with. I have a hankering to delve into something with curry. Any ideas on curry and pork? Is that even allowed?

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