Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coming To A Zoo Near You

Today, I took Jayden over to CS's house after church so we could play there for a bit and CS could see Jacob. Since it was so nice outside this afternoon, we were all outside for a bit in the backyard. Jayden was playing on the stepping stones in the gravel between the house and the garage and she stopped hopping for a moment to touch the garage door. The door has peeling paint hanging in strips halfway down the door and Jayden reached out to pull some off. I stopped her and she asked why it was peeling. So I told her werewolves did it. Then, remembering how she is now afraid of the dark and spent half of last night sleeping at the foot of my bed, I asked her if she knew what werewolves were. She said "yes!" and I said "yeah right, where have you seen them?"

"At the zoo."

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