Monday, November 09, 2009

Not Me Monday! Single Parent Edition

I am having a hard time with what is going on with the MckMama family and their son Stellan. I think mostly it's because our babies just look so much alike with the blonde hair, blue eyes, big toothy grins, and only two months apart. I'm sure most of you don't read MckMama so the short story is that Stellan wasn't supposed to be born alive, but he was an since he was four months old, he has been in and out of hospitals with a condition called SVT which causes his heart to beat too fast. Or at least, I think that's what is wrong. I was supposed to go meet him and his parents this week at a blog meet-up but it's cancelled because Stellan is going in for a procedure that might only have a 20% of doing what it's supposed to do. Not to mention that it's still heart surgery on a one year old. I'm praying that he comes out of his surgery healthy because that's all I can do.

But in the spirit of MckMama, here's my Not Me Monday! confession.

While staying with my mom, I made sure that Jacob slept in the pack n play when he went to bed or down for naptimes. I would NEVER let him sleep in my bed just so I can enjoy an evening of playing on the sewing machine and drinking a glass of wine.

I would never let him fall asleep at ten till five PM just so I could get dinner made without a whiny, overtired, CRABBY child clinging to my leg or perched on my hip as I sauteed ground pork for stroganoff.

Nor do I put on Sesame Street in the evenings when I need to get something done or there is nothing on TV. My child only watches forty five minutes of TV a day. No more than that, no siree. Since TV rots children's brains and causes ADD, of course.

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Kendra said...

liar, liar!!!!